• Affordable

• Functional

• Field-proven

• Entry-point

• Modular

• Interoperable

• Scalable

• Sustainable


HERON’s COMPASS is a functionally field-proven, evolutionary upgrade that builds on your existing systems. It guides the user through the whole process, eliminating errors and improving care. Training is minimal, allowing fast turnarounds.





The HERON Integrated Public Health Surveillance works together with the Patient Administration System (PAS) to seamlessly track and compile data at patient point of contact, on any required topic including infectious diseases, accidents, maternal mortality, child development, infant survival rates, and more.


25 years reliability

HERON’s COMPASS has more than 25 years in operation, and a 99.9% uptime operating efficiency, HERON COMPASS PAS operates on tablets, thin client systems, or via the web.


The HERON COMPASS PAS is a cost-effective IT solution for developing countries, and includes many modules such as: accident & emergency, admit/discharge & transfer, medical records, etc. It operates on UNIX and Linux, offering flexibility at a much lower cost. Middleware also provides for the data transfer/communication between application software modules in a Health Information System (HIS).

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