Top 7 Reasons Why The Heron PAS May Be The Best Solution For Your Environment

1. It is AFFORDABLE everywhere (based on the GDP per capita of the country)
2. It is FUNCTIONAL in Canada and in Jamaica. Jamaica is one of a very limited number of countries around the world that have taken the approach of implementing a “standardized” PAS in all public hospitals and clinics)
3. It operates with the LINUX O/S (Linux is free, and is quickly becoming the standard O/S in Asia, and elsewhere)
4. It is SCALABLE across the whole country (all hospitals and clinics).
5. It is Server-Centric. All programs and data reside on a CENTRAL server, whether in the hospital, at a regional level, or at the Ministry of Health serving the whole country.
6. It offers CENTRALIZED patient data, permitting all patient encounter information to be presented at all points-of-care within the country, the ASP/Internet approach.
7. It is SUSTAINABLE and capable of surviving when any initial funding is withdrawn.

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