The Caribbean Development Bank invites Heron to speak on Regional Health ICT at the Conference of Health Planners and Policy Makers

September 21, 2009, Markham, Ontario, Canada. Heron Technology announces that the company was invited to speak at the CDB ICT (Information and Communication Technology) conference held at the CDB Conference Centre, Barbados, on September 8th and 9th, 2009.

The theme of the conference was “Incorporating ICTs into the Regional Development Agenda: Deploying ICTs to Assist in Achieving the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) Related to Health”. It was a Regional Workshop for Health Planners and Policy-Makers. Among the objectives of the Conference were to enable Member Countries to: a) “benefit from the experiences of others”, b) “the sharing of lessons learnt”, and c) “how to apply .. this information on a regional approach”

Heron’s presentation outlined ‘ICT experiences and lessons learnt’ in both the developed countries such as Canada, and in a developing country such as Jamaica. Since almost all of the developing countries have yet to embrace health ICT, Jamaica stood out as the singular developing country from which lessons can be learnt – over a period of more than ten years.

The Caribbean Community - CARICOM - is the organization that represents twenty countries (fifteen Member countries, plus five Associate Member countries) in the Caribbean, with its headquarters being based in Georgetown, Guyana, South America.

Heron, which has successfully implemented its Patient Administration System (PAS) in three Member countries (Jamaica, Montserrat, and Dominica), addressed the benefits that would accrue to CARICOM Member countries through the implementation of the Heron PAS, on a standardized basis, in the countries of the region. The benefits of a ‘common’ health IT system already operational in the region, presents an opportunity to CARICOM countries which is not easily achievable in developed countries. This matter will be especially important within the CSME (Caribbean Single Market and Economy) agenda, which must take into account the needs of all stakeholders and provide for interoperability between all Member countries.

Heron deployed the PAS/JISS (Jamaica Injury Surveillance System) application software suite in Jamaican hospitals starting in 1997. The Heron PAS software incorporates the functionality brought forward by approximately 20,000 end-user years of valuable feedback from hospitals and clinics in both the developed and the developing countries. The PAS suite, called COMPASS, is browser-based, which offers managers and other authorized persons, such as doctors, the ability to access the patient database from any device – such as an iPhone - from any location anywhere.

In summary, Jamaica has now implemented an ‘evidence-based’ computerized health sector management system that is indeed today a ‘model’ for other developing countries, and developed countries, meaning worldwide. This is noted in eight articles prepared by a CDC-led team of 27 health experts that visited Jamaica for an in-depth months-long review of the Heron PAS/JISS.

The Heron PAS/JISS, COMPASS, addresses these many important factors, and is the key first step in achieving e-Health, leading to a national Electronic Health Record (EHR) in the years ahead.

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